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About Us

For styles inspired by nature, look no further than Vibrance. Our mission is to educate and empower our customers to be the best, boldest versions of themselves, to feel beautiful and proud of themselves in one of the world's biggest celebrations.  With a focus on environmental and social issues, Vibrance is a London-based costume and t-shirt band that produces unique, stylish and high-quality designs. 


We are passionate about environmental issues, incorporating recyclable and sustainable materials into our costume lines year after year. We value and aim to provide the community with the finest possible experience by providing attentive and personalised customer service.


In addition to working with Carl Gabriel and the late Uncle Lincoln, we take a contemporary approach to our designs while still heavily influenced by traditional mas. In order to ensure carnival traditions are kept alive, we use art to tell a story, tell a narrative, or convey a message.


Our Community work

Vibrance is committed to educating and working with young people to teach them about the history of carnival. As part of the 2019 Notting Hill procession, Vibrance worked with teenagers from the NewVic College. The students, who have a range of special needs worked with our band to join in with costume designing, making a mark at Europe's largest street party


We have set up competitions including the ‘Official Vibrance DJ 2021’. The judges included 1xtra and DJ Markee. UK Winners were DJ Championboss and DJ Kronixx who presented ‘Vibrance Saturday" show in the USA.


‘Vibrance Model 2022’ was launched to find the 'Face of Vibrance' The winner will be professionally trained by London Fashion Week choreographer Reuben Joseph.


Our Scope

Our masqueraders come from all over the world, including the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Brazil, USA, and Europe. In order to create a day of fun, laughter, dancing, and unforgettable memories, we want to bring together as many people as possible who are passionate about celebrating carnival.



Our masquerade band has more than tripled in size since the beginning of our launch. Since starting and continuing as a family band, we have established a friendly and welcoming environment that loves to spread joy. By having 15% attend on their own, we have demonstrated how much we appreciate creating an open and warm atmosphere for all.

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