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Sunday: The Windrush Legacy 2023

Thanking the generation that created opportunities for us

Carnival Sunday is children's day, Vibrance Mas is using this day to celebrate and thank the generation that brought carnival to Notting Hill and paved the way for next generations .

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Our Story

From the 1940's - 1971, men, women and children came from past colony islands in the Caribbean and in the Indian Ocean. They came on ships and then later by plane to a cold country, unprepared. They worked hard, sent for family, and made sacrifices to feed, educate and clothe their children.


Life here was not as welcoming as they had imagined. Brought up with the notion that the UK was the motherland, they faced racism and harsh working and living conditions. 

We would like to celebrate the legacy and remember the sacrifices and struggles they faced. This will be done by creating a procession of children in brightly coloured attire from the 1940s, just as families wore on arrival in UK.

Meet the Windrush generation.... 

Thanking  www.windrush for their image

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